Jenna awakes from a blow on the head. She’s losing her mind, dreaming, hallucinating; events and occurrences are mixed up, along with her memories. She doesn’t know what’s real or imaginary.

She recalls staring into th​e eyes of her patient and attacker, Theia Layton, under hypnotic regression, and sensing a malignant presence just before the assault … before ​she blacked out. An overriding compulsion drives her to find her assailant, for only she can provide the resolution she so desperately needs.

Then she witnesses something sinister in the woods. A murder?

Jenna isn’t the only one pursuing Theia: an enemy from her past is stalking her, seeking revenge, leaving clues, setting traps …

Meanwhile psychic investigator, Sam Layton has a riddle to solve. The ghost of a witch persecuted centuries ago seems anxious to get in touch. And there’s the macabre grimoire he’s unearthed, designed to summon a demon …

All the players’ destinies converge towards an ancient tower* set in the heart of a haunted forest. But how many will leave alive?​

Set in a hinterland of forests, lakes and unquiet spirits, The Wildess is an intriguing, eerie tale that will grip the reader from the start