A book of eleven short stories, which will have you wondering right until the end, always with a lingering feeling of menace and a shock just around the corner. Each story consists of a sumptuous mix of history and folklore, combined with such human emotions as lost loves, betrayals and lonliness. The stories are set in the atmospheric backdrop of the British landscape with its ever-changing seasons

Add to all this femmes fatales, stone circles and a small dose of black humour, and you have a compelling series of tales that are best appreciated in an evening in your favourite armchair, when all is quiet...

Stories included: "Facing Demons", "Bleeding Hearts", "Roxy", "Bayard's Leap" ,"Moving On", "Old Shuggy", "The Obelisk", "Lost Souls", "Fishing For Tiddlers", "Fallen Daughters", and "The Changeling".

ISBN 978-1848762-053